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Contacting support

Smartlife has many customers, built up over many years. We'd love to support everyone for free but it's simply not possible for a small company. 

  • Please remember we are not the manufacturer of all the products we sell - we aim to select reliable products from reputable manufacturers and integrate them as much as possible to enable them to interact, to save energy and carbon footprint, and create a better overall experience in homes and workplaces. 
  • Outside any Support agreement that may be included with a new system, support is chargeable. Please click here to open our rates card

Below are links to contact some of our suppliers directly if required:


Support & Questions

To create a new support request, please complete the form on the right. In the notes please include the make and model number of any products you are mentioning in your support request and if it is an intermittent issue or every time.

  • Remember a lot of the time with modern products simply turning it off, maybe removing the power* and then powering back on is often the first thing to try. 

If you are enquiring about an existing support request our email is: support@smartlife.nz

Live support is chargeable as per our rates card 

Call now: charges may apply. 0800 454 583

Link to Project Terms and Conditions

*With Amplifiers, you should always turn them off in the App or from the power button before removing the power.