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At Smartlife, we’re all about making business automation accessible, and useful, for you.

As a business owner or facility manager you have enough to worry about without letting the technology of business operations distract you. Smartlife can give you a competitive advantage by improving operating efficiencies. 

Build information, user manuals, maintenance schedules and warranty information included with optional access, security and Smart Camera control.

Business Solutions
Boxed products purchased through retailer - can be integrated together by Smartife Professional Designer.
Meeting Room
Work with our Smartlife Professional Designers who use their knowledge of our existing products and services to create the best-automated solutions.
Retrofit Air Con
Choose to work with one of our Smartlife Technology Architects who can design the best-integrated system for you.
Smartlife Connect offers solutions for offices of every size, style and location. Core features can be included and expanded.
Easy to use
Smartlife Connect is proven in hundreds of standard and luxury offices. Easy to use, easy to share.
Using white label solutions, you can get your brand in front of thousands of users.

Access Control and Security

Digital door locks, mag locks and electric door strikes make it easy to monitor and control who has access and when. CCTV cameras and security alarms can be monitored from the App and notifications on alarm activation are sent to all managers and relevant staff who can escalate, resolve or comment.

HVAC, Lighting, Energy Control

Easily control lighting, heat pumps, ducted heating, EV charging and more from App, Alexa or wall switch. Automate lights and HVAC on in the morning, all off and alarm on when last one out and security deterrence.

Boardrooms and A/V

Smartlife Boardroom / Meeting room solutions showcase how Smartlife Connect platform can be used to solve a common problem, and this solution can then lay the foundation for upgrades through to full building automation.

Smart Buildings

Integrated access control, CCTV, Security, HVAC, EV charging and billing, pools, lighting, motorised curtains and drapes, background audio, smart boardrooms and A/V.


From site security to access control, CCTV, common areas access, now you can manage the build process and deliver an ongoing branded App engagement to your clients.

Smart Hotels

Branded App for room access control, climate and entertainment control, compendium, and local attractions.

Smart EV Chargers

Maintains electricity usage below building maximum, load shedding and prioritising whilst using off-peak power when possible. Central billing from a single meter saves cabling costs.

Apartment Developers

Smartlife Connect is chosen by many apartment complexes new and existing. Control access to the common door, parking and common areas. Building managers can receive flood and smoke detector notifications and access can be granted without master keys. Community information and notification system integrated with all the building and individual Smart Home features. Smart EV charging and billing.

Gated Communities

Smartlife Connect offers many benefits to gated communities, controlling who has access, to the main gate and the individual offices. Includes community information and notification system integrated with the Smart Business features.

What our clients say

David Williamson
"Smartlife team has been great to deal with from initial planning through to completion of our new office. The communication has been excellent throughout and the system is as promised, very easy to use."

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is smart office technology?

Security is important, which is why Smartlife solutions are built with security front of mind. Your data and personal information is private and secure. Smartlife solutions include options to easily control and change who has access to your office through the App. When you’re away, if something happens such as a smoke alarm, burglar alarm, flood alarm, freezing temperature or excessive heat you can receive a notification, open your App to view what is happening in real-time, then deal with it promptly.

Will smart products work without having strong WiFi?

If you are considering incorporating smart home products into your office, we would recommend that you consider installing a WiFi mesh system to best support the function of the smart products for businesses.

Can smart business automation save money?
  • Whether equipment or lights are left on, or unusual activity is detected, you’ll always be in the know. It will save your time & money.
  • As we have a solution for every budget. Start out in any size capacity you’d like – with smart business automation, you can continue to expand or stay the same with the decisions all up to you.

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