Smartlife Care helping care for your loved ones

Smartlife has designed and developed a platform to help care for your loved ones even if you are apart

Peace of mind for independent living at home, for all ages

Often people are unable to or don't remember how to call for help when needed. Smartlife Care uses passive monitoring, Alexa 'Help' commands, and discrete buttons to give multiple options whilst minimising time to alert when someone needs help. 


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Family and carers are alerted when the panic button is pressed. Also, if no motion is detected in the kitchen between, say, 6 am and 9 am or in the lounge between 5 pm and 8 pm (configurable).
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Family and carers are alerted when the panic pendant or panic button is pressed or when the user says "Alexa - Help". Also if no motion is detected in the kitchen between 6 am and 9 am or in the lounge between 5 pm and 8 pm (configurable). The family and carers can also see the last activity from the sensors and also assist by controlling the TV remotely.
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There are many upgrades available to help assist your loved one. Talk to a Smartlife Technology Designer about the best-integrated system for you. Talk to our automation professionals to find out more.
Monitoring at home & out
Providing peace of mind via passive monitoring the elderly can remain safely independent living in their own home for longer. Options for monitoring when away from home – GPS trackers, vehicle trackers.
Safety & Security
A range of panic buttons and sensors means you can call for help or tailor the response to your needs. With a range of cameras, door locks, alarms and sensors you and your family can have peace of mind.
Convenience & Control
Options to upgrade to remotely assist with entertainment control, heating etc. Integration to Amazon Alexa as a means to call for help and provide voice control for your lights, front door, music, TV etc.

Ageing In Place

The Smartlife Care solution lets you create a great environment for older family members. The technology gives them added autonomy while also helping family members take care of them in the case of an emergency or extended care situation.

Aged Care Facility

Smartlife Care can be implemented as a branded solution for retirement and health care facilities. It empowers brand owners to implement a full set of fundamental hardware, software, and service logic for common areas, residences and their families. Solutions can be stand-alone or integrated to nurse call and security. Implementation partners can configure and train. Ask us about API options to enable interoperability with existing systems.


Smartlife Dementia Care offers a number of solutions to help people of all ages with dementia, and their families by creating a dementia-friendly home & making it easy to do some of the things that are becoming more difficult. For example, the occupier can press a labelled button to turn on the TV to a particular channel and optionally daily or regular programs can be scheduled to come on automatically. Alexa can be used to control the TV system and select the channel they want to watch "Alexa, Turn on TV1" or Alexa, Turn on Sky Sport 1". The system is expandable to control door locks or garage door in the event of an emergency, control heating and cooling, lights and smoke and flood detection and much more.

Blind & Low Vision

Alexa commands and tactile buttons can be used to control the living environment, like blinds, heating and garage doors.

To see how it all works, book a live demo at one of our showrooms. One of our home automation experts will run through the range of family care solution options and demonstrate how seamlessly everything is controlled from a single app.

Check out Rob's interview about Smartlife Care Solutions below

What ourclients say

Sarah Williams
"Mum settled in really well, considering she never ever wanted to live at home alone. This was due to all technology solutions Smartlife has... it was a special time for me as I could enjoy being a daughter again".

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is smart home technology for elderly people?

Security is important, which is why Smartlife solutions are built with security front of mind. Your data and personal information is private and secure. Smartlife solutions include options to easily control and change who has access to your house through the App, great for friends and Airbnb. When you’re away, if something happens such as a smoke alarm, burglar alarm, flood alarm, freezing temperature or excessive heat you can receive a notification, open your App to view what is happening in real-time, then deal with it promptly.

Will smart home products work without having strong WiFi?

If you are considering incorporating smart home products into your new home, we would recommend that you consider installing a WiFi mesh system to best support the function of the smart home products.

How a smart home system can help ageing parents?

Whether loved ones live nearby or far away, smart home systems can make life easier for older adults and the people who care about them.

  1. Simpler daily routines
  2. Hands-free control
  3. Smarter safety and security
  4. Cleaner, more comfortable home
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