Help save energy, power bills, and the planet.

Smartlife Energy is a smart energy platform designed to intelligently monitor energy usage and increase efficiencies, while also reducing GHG and global warming - and that’s a win-win for everyone.

Become part of the energy revolution

Wasted energy is an invisible cost that most of us don’t see, or even think about. We have become so used to devices that turn off and on with a switch that saving power has become an inconvenience, just another chore to include in our busy lives, with too much effort for too little payback.

Optimising energy usage is the baseline of Smartlife Energy. Best of all, it works in the background with minimal input, ensuring your lighting, heating, appliances, EV charging, solar power and more are all operating at the highest efficiency, with dynamic load balancing to ensure safe usage without exceeding capacity.

For commercial premises, Smartlife Energy can intelligently manage building power use, protect from overloads and split billing without needing to wire through separate power metres. Communal charging stations can also be charged per app user, making EV charging easy and accessible for your whole building.

How does Smartlife Energy work?

Smartlife Connect is our proprietary app that allows Smartlife users to control their home or workplace automations from the comfort of their smartphone. Smartlife Energy integrates into the Smartlife Connect app to give you a single control system to manage all your smart automation and smart energy needs.

Smartlife Energy utilises cloud-based software and hardware devices connected to your appliances and electrical circuits. Intelligent programming then prioritises energy usage by scheduling high powered devices like water heating, air conditioning and EV charging to optimise efficiencies.

No two homes or workplaces are the same, so get in touch with one of our Smartlife Energy experts and find out how Smartlife Energy can revolutionise your energy needs.

Phone Control
All the features of Smartlife Energy are accessed and configured via your smartphone, no matter where you are. Create schedules, routines, shortcuts and view statistics with a simple touch or using voice control.
Intelligent Scheduling
Create automated schedules for turning on and off your electrical devices and appliances at set times, or during off peak times. Monitor your schedules at a glance to see how they are performing, or where you can be more efficient.
Future Proof Solutions
Smartlife Energy is hosted in the Smartlife Cloud. Your software is always secure and up to date with the latest advancements in technology, with the capability to expand your smart home functionality as needed.

Smart Solar

Our smart solar solutions detect when the system is generating more energy than it is using and directs this power in the most effective way. Self-consumption of energy means huge energy savings and plays a key role in helping the world to transition away from fossil fuels. Using a smart energy solution also helps users to reduce the payback period of the solar investment, making it a win-win for people and the planet.

Smart EV Charging

Smartlife Energy allows EV owners to charge safely, using solar energy or directly from the power grid. We use intelligent programming to optimise self-consumption, tailor smart charging schedules and ensure the load of the EV chargers is maintained within the capacity of the building. The Smartlife Connect app provides charging progress updates and alerts, and for shared charging, such as at a workplace, the app can help manage usage time and billing.


A smart HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system leverages energy consumption to networked HVAC components and Internet-of-Things (IoT). Using a combination of software and hardware, smart homes can make efficient use of energy by sending air to a specific room, or cutting off flow to one room and increasing flow to another. Even small changes in heating and cooling can make significant cost savings.

Smart Lighting

Lighting control systems that use daylight-integration can be used to turn off or dim down the electric lights automatically based on the available natural light in the room, saving over 40% of your lighting costs. Presence detection sensors and alarm integration ensures that lighting is switched off when not required. In the workplace, smart lighting can be used to reduce glare and match the natural daylight outside.

Smart Grid

The smart grid is a quickly evolving technology set to bring a host of environmental benefits such as reduced greenhouse gases, reduced burning of fossil fuels and enhanced integration of solar and wind power. Smartlife Energy enables electricity customers to become active participants in the smart grid revolution and do their part in creating a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

Energy Demand Management

Energy Demand Management is the modification of end user demand for energy to encourage less energy use during peak hours, or move energy use to off-peak times. The Smartlife Connect Platform enables monitoring and control of all devices so we can aggregate control of different load types such as EV charging, hot water elements, pool pumps, freezers, HVAC systems and other large loads.

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Mark Olsen
"Thanks to Smartlife for the installation of a complete home automation system in our house. What can be acheved with their system is endless. Again would like to thank Julian, Warren and Randal for their extra efforts during the process. Highly recommend this company for any Home Automation requirements."
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