Smartlife AgriTech solutions for Farm Security and Water Management

One integrated system for farm security and smart sensors

Farmers have long leveraged technological breakthroughs to adapt agricultural practices to changing times, and this era is no exception, particularly with the emergence of Smart Agriculture.

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There are many standalone systems available, each one brings more complexity to deploy, learn and share to everyone on the farm.

Smartlife AgriTech is a single integrated platform covering farm security and deterrence, asset tracking, water monitoring, and more. It connects to the widest variety of sensors and with the advanced notifications, in-app chat, and to-do lists it enables you to get on with running the farm.

Benefits of IoT in Agritech
Smartlife Connect offers solutions for farms of every size, style and location. Core features can be included and expanded by the farm owner.
Easy to use
Smartlife Connect is proven in hundreds of locations. Easy to use, easy to share.
Large farms and farming suppliers can offer Smartlife AgriTech platform or parts of it under their brand.


Measure tank levels, dam levels, water flow, water pressure to quickly identify leaks and better manage usage. Soil moisture sensors and rain gauge information to ensure the right amount of irrigation. Water quality sensors help ensure compliance and progress.

Access Control & Security

Security, energy management, CCTV, gate control. Multi protocol WiFi, LoRaWAN, Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE, Ethernet, Modbus.


Smartlife wireless soil moisture sensor system analyses data in real-time to provide you with direct insights on how much water your crops need.


Smartlife offers solutions for greenhouse management, climate control, water treatment and fertilisation, as well as labour and crop registration.

What our clients say

Nick Mantel
"Unlike the previous system, the Smartlife setup does what we want it to do in our farm, all of the time, reliably. Since it was installed last year it's been as good as gold - all of our previous hassles have disappeared."
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