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50% of homebuyers would buy a home with smart home automation technology over a comparable home without

  • 44% of homebuyers who prefer move-in ready homes say that smart home technology should already be installed
  • 40% see having smart home technology as a major selling point when buying a home
  • 60% say they would pay more for smart home features
  • 64% want their voice assistant to work with a smart home platform 


Smartlife Hub in every New Build

  • Your Own Branded App
  • New revenue stream
  • Smartlife system in your show homes
  • Warranty Log for Appliances
  • Marketing Dashboard
  • In-App Chat functionality

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There is a strong demand for a single integrated App. Instead of using several apps to control various features, the up-to-date smart-home owner can rely one home automation system to remember preferences and activate various ‘scenes’ or ‘zones’. Our range includes:
Builders Solution

Smart Solar

Our smart solar solutions detect when the premises is generating more than it is using and use the energy instead. This helps users to reduce the payback period of the solar investment. The Smartlife Connect system can help direct this power in the most effective way. If you want to operate under a certain lifestyle mode this will influence the way you use your available energy (everyday mode, eco mode, party mode, holiday mode, etc.)

Smart EV Charging

EV Smart charging helps reduce the use of fossil fuels to charge the EVs, and ensures the load of the EV chargers is maintained within the capacity of the building.


A smart HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system leverages networked HVAC components and IoT. The HVAC system can consume anything between 60-80% of the total energy in residential homes.

Smart Lighting

Daylight-integrated lighting control systems can be used to turn off or dim down the electric lights automatically based on the available natural light in the room, saving over 40% energy saving. Presence detection sensors and alarm integration ensures switched off when not required.

What our clients say

Mark Olsen
"Thanks to Smartlife for the installation of a complete home automation system in our house. What can be acheved with their system is endless. Again would like to thank Julian, Warren and Randal for their extra efforts during the process. Highly recommend this company for any Home Automation requirements."

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is smart home technology?

Security is important, which is why Smartlife solutions are built with security front of mind. Your data and personal information is private and secure. Smartlife solutions include options to easily control and change who has access to your house through the App, great for friends and Airbnb. When you’re away, if something happens such as a smoke alarm, burglar alarm, flood alarm, freezing temperature or excessive heat you can receive a notification, open your App to view what is happening in real-time, then deal with it promptly.

Will smart home products work without having strong WiFi?

If you are considering incorporating smart home products into your new home, we would recommend that you consider installing a WiFi mesh system to best support the function of the smart home products.

Can smart home automation save money?
  • About 39% of the energy used by the average home goes towards heating and cooling. Smart home solutions can save customers an average of 23% on their combined heating and cooling costs.
  • Smart lighting solutions use at least 65% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs yet last 25 times longer.
  • Smart home market research suggests that consumers with smart security systems reduce the likelihood of their homes being burgled or suffering from costly fire or water damage issues. This also reflects in their home insurance rates. On average, you can get up to a 20% reduction in your home insurance rates if you install monitored safety devices and smart security systems.
  • According to connected home market size and survey data, 57% of smart home device users say they save time every day. They say these devices save them an average of almost 30 minutes every day.
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