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Smartlife provides automated smart home systems for homes and workplaces.

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Imagine a life where your home helps you. From little things, like automatically turning on the lights when you arrive home at night, or remote monitoring of your property from your phone, to big things, like giving your elderly parents the freedom of safe, independent living.

All of this is possible with Smartlife. We remove the hassles of home automation and offer you a single integrated solution, all controlled from an easy-to-use app direct from your phone, and backed by after-sales service and a team of automation experts.

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Smartlife Home Automation Solutions

Smartlife offers innovative ways to manage the everyday demands of life and be more in sync with your home, your business, or even your farm. Explore our range of smart tech solutions below.

Making the magic of smart home technology an everyday reality for New Zealanders.

We are the only New Zealand home automation company that has built its own integrated control system, and brings all aspects of automation together into a single app. This allows us to customise the app to meet the unique needs of our customers and ensure their data and privacy are safe and secure. Our team of automation experts is built from leading industry professionals and brings a wealth of experience to every project we undertake. We’ll work with you to find a solution that fits your life and grows with you, with genuinely useful, adaptable technology.

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Why Choose Smartlife?

Smartlife has been making the magic of smart home automation an everyday reality for New Zealanders for over fifteen years. We’ve made life easier for thousands of kiwis across the country, so they can spend more time doing what matters most.

Simple. Smart. 

Smartlife systems are integrated, and the biggest advantage of an integrated smart home system is that it helps keep things simple. Rather than having multiple devices controlled by an array of different apps, everything is controlled from a single, easy to use app. This app performs multiple functions with a single touch. For example, when you leave the home, a single press of 'away mode' on your phone can turn off the lights, activate the alarm and lock the door all with one click. 'Arrive home' scene - turns on the lights if it's dark, deactivates the alarm, opens the garage door.

Simple, Easy To Use App
Control your smart lighting, climate, entertainment, security and energy usage from a single app, with remote monitoring and control no matter where you are.
Automation That Evolves
Our smart home automation solutions are all fully modular and designed to evolve with your changing needs. Start small or choose from one of our packages.
All In One
All of our smart home automation products and services are seamlessly integrated in a single platform using cloud-based technology.

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To see how Smartlife can be integrated into real-life smart homes and workplaces, view our latest projects on our website.

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