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Smartlife Connect

Smartlife can provide you with a single App to access your property, monitor the security, and control the heating, HVAC, fans, lights and entertainment.
Most products come with an App so it is easy to end up with multiple Apps:
  • An App for the Door lock
  • An App for the garage door and the gate if you have one
  • An App for the alarm
  • An App for cameras
  • An App for the heat pump or ducted heating
  • Apps for lighting and blind control
  • Apps for music, TVs, Home Theatre and media players
  • Apps for EV charging, pool control, etc
A multitude of individual Apps are not only hard to use, but it also makes it very difficult to share the required control with all the people that live or work there, and with others that need access such as guests, tradespeople, cleaners, etc.
Smartlife can provide systems that can integrate the control into a single user experience - we mainly use our own Smartlife Connect to bring it all together, or we use RTI Control or Basalte Home on larger high budget projects.

How much does it cost?

Smartlife Connect can be purchased in a number of different ways to suit people's budgets and preferences. 

  1. Software and Remote Commissioning Services. You or your electrician, security and A/V company supply compatible equipment, install it and connect to the Internet and our tech team configures everything into the one App and onboards you either remotely or in person.
  2. Packages - bundles of hardware and software ready to be installed by your installers or our partners. 
  3. Full Design, Build and Install Service. Our team designs, builds, installs and configures the whole system and manages the process

The extra or incremental cost for Smartlife Connect software and hub generally works out to be between $1,000 to $3000 however this can be offset with savings in other controllers. So long as you choose the right products, the marginal or extra cost for compatible equipment is often less than people think: 

  • The AAP alarm is generally the same or better priced compared to similar Alarm systems. The AAP alarm is also used to control the Garage door and Gate, mag locks etc. and there is a Door Access kit too. 
  • Yale Z-Wave interface instead of the Zigbee one for the Yale App, and it is a few hundred for a Z-Wave stick
  • No additional cost for compatible CCTV cameras
  • Dimmable lights are generally the same as non-smart dimmers 
  • Integrated control of ducted HVAC and Hydronic underfloor heating can be less than the standalone solutions offered (don't order the manufacturer Wi-Fi option)

Link to Compatible Products

Link to Smartlife Software and Services Pricing + Networking options

What Services do you offer?

Smartlife Team offers the following Services:

  • Design - generally starting from the plans, Smartlife "Marks Up" the security, access control, TVs, speakers, HVAC and lighting control. From this Smartlife can produce a Cable Schedule and sometimes a Circuits Listing and Switch Listing. This design should cover everything you want initially, things might like to add in the future, and options to add value for resale purposes. 
  • Programming and Commissioning. The Smartlife Team can remotely configure the Smartlife Connect software. Optionally we can configure Shelly, KNX, AAP alarms, Camera NVRs and amplifiers (not included in Smartlife Connect Pricing unless specified). 
  • Project Management - interacting with the builder, electrician, designers, architect, HVAC supplier, gate supplier, etc to ensure the project goes well according to plan. 
  • Pre-wire and/or Installation Services through our Partners. 


Do you offer packages?

Yes, Smartlife offers a modular set of packages to help you choose the aspects that interest you the most and/or add the most value to your property. 

Security and Access Control

  1. Alarm: Smartlife Connect is compatible with the famous New Zealand-made Arrowhead ESX alarm panel and the new EC-i panel.  Their touch screens have extra buttons that can be configured to open the garage door or to trigger the "Goodbye" scene in Smartlife Connect. 
  2. CCTV Cameras - Axis, Dahua, Hikvision - all cameras that support the RTSP standard. 
  3. Door locks - Yale Assure, 3109+, 4109+ and Windsor Smart Locks
  4. Garage Door - Wire from the Smartlife Hub or AAP alarm output or use the Wi-Fi garage door module. 
  5. Gates - also can be controlled wired or wireless. 

Security Options Pricing

Lighting and Electrical Control

If you are building or renovating there there are two options:

  1. Conventional wiring with 'Smart Mechs' or 'Pucks'. 240v cables come from the switchboard to the switch and onto the lights. The Smart Mech clips into the plate, or you can use a 'puck' that goes in behind. It's preferable to use momentary mechs with smart lighting.   Link to Wireless Lighting Pricing
  2. KNX 'bus' - the KNX Dimmers and relays are mounted in the DB and the 240v wiring goes straight to the lights, fans, towel rails, underfloor heating, etc (not via the switch). The KNX data cable runs between all the switches, and possible future switch locations, making it more flexible as to what each switch does.  KNX cable also runs to motion sensors that are used in corridors, stairwells, etc with no need for a switch.  Link to KNX Options

Entertainment options

These days many people like the TV to be mounted cleanly on the wall rather than on an A/V cabinet. As TV does not have great sound it is nice to install in ceiling or in-wall speakers near the TV that can be used for TV sound or music.  

Multi-room audio amplifiers can control speakers that are typically installed in the Lounge, Kitchen, patio/outdoors. 

Surround Sound amplifiers can drive multiple speakers in the lounge or media room for theater like sound. 

Multi room audio options

Media Room Options

Energy management, Solar, EV

Monitor the energy being used in real-time and see how much is being consumed by the hot water, heat pump, EV and other large loads.

Shifting 'variable loads' to off-peak times reduces your carbon footprint and can save $ if you move to a time-of-use plan or one with free timeslots. 

Link to Energy Pricing Options

How do you compare to other Automation systems?



Smartlife is compatible with Shelly! Shelly devices can be accessed from Smartlife Connect - simply add your Shelly account to our Web Panel and authorise the devices. 

Smartlife Connect can combine the Shelly Energy Monitoring / Energy Management products, sensors and lighting control and add all the other aspects to make a truly integrated Smart Home or business. Smartlife Connect adds support for items not included in the Shelly product range, including:

  • HVAC control of heat pumps and ducted HVAC systems
  • "Proper" Alarm 
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Door locks (Yale and Windsor) as well as gate control, mag locks and door strikes
  • Multi-room and Surround Sound options
  • EV Charger integration and direct interface to modern EVs via the cloud Enode API (about to be released) 
  • Support of other lighting control options including KNX, Fibaro, Wiser, Brilliant Smart, Grid Connect, and other Tuya-based products
  • Notification engine with escalation
  • Deployment management

Shelly offers affordable wireless modules that can control lighting fans, towel rails, hot water cylinders and more. 

Link to Shelly's website 

Wiser and Iconic switch plates

Smartlife Connect has interfaced to Tuya. As Wiser is based on the Tuya chipset many of the products can be enfolled into Smartlife Air and be available within Smartlife Connect. 

Please note that not all Wiser products are compatible, but the Dimmer mechs and the relay mechs for example work OK. To be accessible from Smartlife Connect the Mechs must be enrolled into Smartlife Air instead of the Wiser App utilising a standard Tuya Zigbee hub (not the Wiser Hub. 

In the future, Wiser will support Matter and Smartlife Connect will be able to connect via this protocol (At this time you will most likely need to purchase a Wiser Hub). 

Brilliant Smart

The Brilliant Smart Mechs fit into Vynco and HPM Life plates. They have an indicator light to show they are on or off. Brilliant Smart is Tuya based product, so is compatible with Smartlife Connect.  Firstly enroll the products into Smartlife Air (not the Brilliant Smart App).  

RTI Control

Smartlife Connect integrates with RTI Control and this is a good option if you want to add their remote controls or one of their touch screens to your project. 

Basalte Home

Basalte Home is a complete control system on its own - we offer this option for premium projects

Control 4, Savant, etc