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Commercial Solutions

Transform your workplace experience by seamlessly managing heating, security, lighting, multimedia, and meeting rooms through a single integrated control point. No more concerns about whether the security alarm is activated or if the air conditioning has been turned off for the weekend—simply take control from your phone, from anywhere!

Welcome to our cutting-edge Smart Energy Solutions, where innovation meets sustainability to redefine how we power and manage our environments. At Smartlife, we are committed to revolutionizing the way energy is utilised, providing not just efficiency but a holistic approach towards a greener future.

Our smart energy solutions are designed to optimize energy consumption across various sectors, from commercial spaces to residential buildings. By seamlessly integrating advanced technologies, we empower you to make informed decisions about your energy usage, thereby reducing waste and lowering overall consumption.

Track energy usage patterns, receive insights into peak consumption times, and identify opportunities for further optimization. This level of transparency empowers you to make data-driven decisions that lead to enhanced energy efficiency.

Solutions for Your Home

A home isn't just about aesthetics, it's also about how you feel. At Smartlife, we develop innovative solutions that enhance both your lifestyle and home's appearance, reduce the power bulls and keep your family and loved ones safe.

Green smart homes seamlessly integrating advanced technologies to enhance both sustainability and convenience. These homes are equipped with intelligent systems that optimize energy consumption, utilising renewable sources and energy-efficient appliances. From smart thermostats that learn and adapt to your preferences to connected lighting systems that minimise waste, green smart homes are designed to reduce environmental impact while providing residents with a comfortable and efficient living space. With features like real-time energy monitoring, smart home automation, and eco-friendly materials, these homes not only embrace the latest in technology but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. Welcome to the era of homes that prioritise both innovation and environmental responsibility.

Automation At Your Fingertips

No matter which level of automation you choose, everything is controlled from your smartphone with the Smartlife Connect App. 

The Smartlife Connect App has been designed with a clean interface that is simple to navigate and intuitive to use. Each area of your house has a set of controls for the different smart devices in that area, such as opening the garage door, turning on the TV, or setting the temperature. 

The App also has Scenes, which are collections of smart home functions all controlled by a single button press. Scenes are fully customisable to give you the ultimate flexibility and freedom.

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Secure Control Of Your Home

When enquiring about home automation, security is often the first feature people ask about: alarms, security cameras, digital door locks, remote gate control and remote monitoring.

Smartlife offers a complete range of automated security solutions to keep your home and family safe, all controlled through the Smartlife Connect app, with live streams of the security cameras available at any time, using high definition cameras so you can see what is happening day or night.

The app will also notify you if the alarm is set off, or someone arrives at your gate. You can then talk to the person through a smart doorbell, or if they are a contractor or family member, open the gate to let them inside designated areas.

Smartlife Connect offers solutions for homes of every size, style and location. Core features can be included and expanded by the homeowner.
Easy to use
Smartlife Connect is proven in hundreds of standard and luxury homes, apartments, boats and other dwellings. Easy to use, easy to share.
Housing companies and developers what to get their brand in front of their customers. Cars now come standard with an App, your home should too.

Smart Locksand Security

Digital door locks, mag locks and electric door strikes make it easy to secure the home and to monitor and control who has access and when. CCTV cameras and security alarm can be monitored from the App and notifications on alarm activation or smoke detector are sent to all users who can escalate, resolve or comment.

Lights, HVAC, Energy Control

Easily control your lighting, heat pumps or ducted heating, underfloor heating, EV charging and more from App, Alexa or wall switch. Automate all-lights-on in a burglary or fire, all-off when you leave, lived-in look and security deterrence features.


Smartlife Connect brings entertainment to a whole new level for homeowners. Eliminating multiple remotes and making it easy to enjoy Netflix, Sky, Apple TV, Chromecast and photos on all TVs with great sounds from integrated speakers. Cars come with integrated entertainment, now builders and developers can offer integrated entertainment.

Mansions to Motorhomes

Smartlife Connect is compatible with a wide range of Smart Home products, enabling integrated solutions for the widest variety of dwellings from tiny to large homes, apartments, RVs and boats.

Apartment Developers

Smartlife Connect is chosen by many apartment complexes new and existing. Control access to the common door, parking and common areas. Building managers can receive flood and smoke detector notifications and access can be granted without master keys. Community information and notification system integrated with all the building and individual Smart Home features. Smart EV charging and billing.

What our clients say

Mark Olsen
"Thanks to Smartlife for the installation of a complete home automation system in our house. What can be acheved with their system is endless. Again would like to thank Julian, Warren and Randal for their extra efforts during the process. Highly recommend this company for any Home Automation requirements."

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is smart home technology?

Security is important, which is why Smartlife solutions are built with security front of mind. Your data and personal information is private and secure. Smartlife solutions include options to easily control and change who has access to your house through the App, great for friends and Airbnb. When you’re away, if something happens such as a smoke alarm, burglar alarm, flood alarm, freezing temperature or excessive heat you can receive a notification, open your App to view what is happening in real-time, then deal with it promptly.

Will smart home products work without having strong WiFi?

If you are considering incorporating smart home products into your new home, we would recommend that you consider installing a WiFi mesh system to best support the function of the smart home products.

Can smart home automation save money?
  • About 39% of the energy used by the average home goes towards heating and cooling. Smart home solutions can save customers an average of 23% on their combined heating and cooling costs.
  • Smart lighting solutions use at least 65% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs yet last 25 times longer.
  • Smart home market research suggests that consumers with smart security systems reduce the likelihood of their homes being burgled or suffering from costly fire or water damage issues. This also reflects in their home insurance rates. On average, you can get up to a 20% reduction in your home insurance rates if you install monitored safety devices and smart security systems.
  • According to connected home market size and survey data, 57% of smart home device users say they save time every day. They say these devices save them an average of almost 30 minutes every day.
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