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Smartlife Labs

Smartlife Labs Ltd has a large team of dedicated Software Developers and Engineers who have developed a customisable mobile App, Smart IoT Hub and IoT platform that connects to, monitors and controls an extensive range of devices for residential, retail and commercial applications.

Smartlife Labs supports solutions for homes and businesses of every size, style and location. You can use a single App to manage almost everything in the home and workplace. This is the easiest way to make your home or business smarter.

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Smartlife IoT Platform

Smartlife Platform helps home owners and businesses, developers, hotels and aged care providers as well as providing OEM solutions for lines companies, electricity generators and manufacturers wanting their own branded platform to connect their existing products to the cloud.
Need more? Our development team can customise and extend the platform to suit your needs.

Connections and interfaces

The Smartlife smart hub has 4 relays, 2 contacts, 2 voltage sense, 4 USB, WiFi and Wired Ethernet. It is powered from 8-30V DC so it can also be used in vehicles. Optionally it can support Z-Wave, Zigbee, RF and serial interfaces that connect to numerous IoT devices in addition to all the traditional control systems.

Smartlife Energy

Smartlife solutions monitor the home or building to identify when the solar system is generating excess capacity and uses the energy instead of exporting to the grid for low returns, maximising the return from solar and battery storage.

Smartlife Energy helps power generators and lines companies to shift loads to off peak times and to quickly reduce loads, enabling the electricity provider to manage loads for grid stability.

Smartlife Hotel

A branded App experience controlling Access, lighting, air conditioning and the entertainment experience.

In app access to compendium and on-site services.

Compatible with KNX Hotel solutions.

Smartlife Admin Panel

The Smartlife Admin panel is a cloud -based serverless application that manages the complete fleet of devices, including the gateway hubs and the edge devices. It is responsible for creating and provisioning the gateways and edge devices. The modular architecture helps introduce and quickly roll out new devices at scale.

IoT Platform

The Smartlife IoT platform includes a web application that can configure the devices and the mobile App UI. It works remotely and enables Smartlife technicians or approved installers to easily pre-configure and upgrade the experience including in-app branding.

Smartlife Care

Smartlife Care, a subsidiary of Smartlife Labs, utilises this technology to provide solutions for Aged Care including aging-in-place passive monitoring which provides families and carers with push notifications and in app communications for peace-of-mind. For aged care facilities we provide advanced nurse call, security, monitoring, access control, notifications and communication along with general automation solutions.More information here:


  Smartlife Hub and App is compatible with the following products:
• Smartlife Air / Brilliant Smart Glass switches
• Smartlife Air / Brilliant Smart Mechs (dimmable and on/off)
• Smartlife Air Curtains and Blinds as well as most third party products via Z-Wave or KNX
• Smartlife Air IR A/C control
• KNX lighting, HVAC control, energy monitoring
• AAP security alarm (ESX and ESL)
• Leviton Omni alarm
• CCTV cameras with rstp feed e.g. Hikvision & Dahua
• Gates, garage doors, door strikes and mag locks via relay outputs
• Yale Assure & 4109+ locks (requires Z-Wave interface in Hub and Z-Wave module in lock)
• Doorbird Intercom (camera and control)
• Yamaha, Denon and Integra surround sound receivers
• Multi Room Audio- Axium Mini 4 & AX1250, Leviton HiFi 4 & 8 room
• MySky, Vodafone TV, Apple TV, Sony TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, Optoma projectors
• HDMI Matrix- AVG & HDA (most other IP or serial controlled Matrix can be supported)
• Fibaro dimmer, relay and shutter relay modules (requires Z-Wave interface)
• Control of other IP and RS232 products can be configured by Smartlife Tech team

IoT Platform

  • Fully white-labeled IoT platform
  • Real time communication
  • Remote management of devices and firmware updates
  • Constant monitoring and data collection from connected devices



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