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Welcome to Smartlife Air. Start your Smart Home journey with a Smartlife Air device. Smartlife Air specialises in good value IoT and Smart Home devices that all connect via your Home, Bach or business WiFi network. They are easy to install and are able to be managed through the same, simple to use Smartlife Air app.

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Benefits of Smart Homes

The key goals of Smartlife include
• technology that adds value to your home
• technology that adds value to your lifestyle
• technology that can grow with you and your family

Research from around the world shows that adding Smart Home Technology to your home adds long term value and if / when it comes time to sell your home, it helps to differentiate it from others and to sell faster too. In addition to adding fun and convenience to your lifestyle, Smartlife specialises in solutions that are modular and adaptable. All of the Smartlife Air devices work together through a single app and when you want to do more, Smartlife have a range of solutions that will enable you to both grow in your use of automation as well as continue to use the devices you have already invested in.

Smart solutions for every home



Get voice and smartphone control over your home appliances, lights and more! It’s easy to set up, compact and turns your Devices on and off automatically. The Smart Plug is very impressive, allowing for quick activation of your appliances using just your Smartphone. This is perfect for individuals who want to activate any device at the ease of just pressing a button.


With Smart Alarms and Smart Locks that provide access control to those you trust, secure your home from any and all threats.


Smart Lighting helps you control all the lights in your home remotely. Do everything with a click of the button on our App.


Never lose sight of what's going on in and out of the house. Keep an eye on your loved ones.

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