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Safety & Security
Your home, and more specifically the family within it, are the most important things in your life. Keep them secure with our sophisticated security systems which can be monitored and controlled directly from the Smartlife App. Remotely allow access to relatives, couriers and tradespeople while you monitor them via your mobile.
Define smart profiles for every-day lifestyle patterns and use a hierarchy of access for control and notifications.

Entertainment & Media
Whether its kicking back after a hard day or entertaining friends and family, a quality entertainment system is an essential part of your home. Connect all your media sources through the Smartlife Hub and share them on any screen in your home. Multi-room video and audio all integrated and accessible from your mobile, tablet or in-built touchsceen. Ditch the basket full of remotes and control everything with the Smartlife app.
Connect & Control
Everyday new smart products and devices are released into the marketplace and subsequently our lives. The Smartlife Hub seamlessly integrates with these devices with both wired and wireless solutions. Control your lights, blinds and kettle from your mobile while at work. Monitor and access your temperature contol while on the way home. View and feed those beloved pets whilst away on vacation.
Aged Care & Monitoring
Let us help you provide a more intelligent and comprehensive smart solution to look after the everyday needs of those you love. Unlock doors, turn on and off lights and appliances, set the alarm and simplify the control of the TV, Skybox etc. All at a touch of a button on your smart device from home or remotely.
Energy & Solar
With Smartlife Energy you are now in a position to get all the benefits from not just monitoring your power consumption but having your Smartlife system make intelligent automation decisions. Store energy at optimum times, maintain defined power levels and protect critical powered devices such as gates, door locks, alarms, and certain appliances.
Access Control & Delivery
Access control is an integral part of any home automation system. Secure access control of your gates, doors and garages is both convenient and functional. Remotely allow access for important deliveries or friendly neighbours when necessary.
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