Energy and Solar

Energy Efficiency

With Smartlife Energy you are now in a position to get all the benefits from not just monitoring your power consumption but having your Smartlife system make intelligent automation decisions.

Features of Smart Energy

  • Easily adjust schedules for underfloor heating and heated towel rails so they are only on when required.
  • Store energy at optimum times and run heavy electrical loads during off-peak times.
  • Maintain defined power levels and protect critical powered devices such as electric gates, door locks, alarms, and certain appliances.
  • Save costs without losing on the comfort of automatic gates, smart cameras and home theaters.

The Future of Energy

Whether energy conservation or saving is your thing or you just wish to lower your energy costs, Smartlife's smart energy solutions provide you with a huge range of energy saving and energy efficiency opportunities.
Smartlife works with a number of solar solutions with a range of solar panel, solar light and solar battery options.
Join the energy revolution today with Smartlife NZ

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