Smart Access Control

Access Control & Delivery

Remotely allow access to selected areas of the house for important deliveries or friendly neighbors when necessary.

Make your Life Easier

  • Give access to people you trust anytime, from anywhere.
  • Never lose another package. Allow the courier guy to leave the package inside safely by giving them controlled access.
  • Left the door unlocked? Achieve peace of mind with all security information at your fingerprints.
  • Left the keys at home? Unlock your door at the push of a button.

Access Control Solutions

Smartlife has begun to see demand for automated delivery solutions whereby couriers are able to contact the owner of the house upon arrival. Remotely, through the App the owner can open the garage or front door ( while turning the alarm off at the same time ), the courier can deliver the package while being observed if required via camera. When the delivery is made the courier leaves and the owner can close the garage and/or lock the front door and reset the houses security, all from the single Smartlife App anywhere in the world.

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