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Some of the key use cases for Commercial IoT  are Intelligent Asset Tracking, Smart Office and Buildings, Connected Lighting, Sensing & Monitoring of all types, and Location Services (like being able to provide contextual experiences to guests in places like hotels and restaurants).

Benefits of IoT and Automation

  • Reduce incidence of human error in everyday processes
  • Monitor daily tasks without adding to overhead costs
  • Save money and energy by having devices communicate with one another
  • Perform tasks faster than ever before with total network solutions

Commercial IoT Applications

Commercial IoT applications are increasingly deployed into environments like office buildings, retail, hotels, hospitality, healthcare facilities, and entertainment venues.
This landscape is shaping up very differently than the Consumer or Industrial IoT landscapes. There are two forces shaping the market for these types of Commercial IoT applications. One is the rapid growth and proliferation of low-power wireless devices. The number of devices connected via Bluetooth LE or 802.15.4 is growing from about 5 billion today to about 15 billion by 2022.  The second force is coming from the need for edge computing and the ability to run local applications, collect data, and exert command & control over devices within relatively short proximity.

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