What is a Smart Home?

What is a Smart Home or Business?

Sure, impressive gadgetry is what many people think of smart homes, but truly smart spaces should improve the way you live...

The digital revolution has provided homeowners with endless ways to automate their home. Combine this with the array of appliances, media and online applications and you can have a complicated range of options to manage. More than ever, many of us are juggling busy lives. Smart homes are about reducing complexity and making things simpler and safer while saving you money, freeing up time for the important things like connecting with family and friends, chilling out, enjoying favourite music or a great movie. 

Take your leaving routine and let it be one button in an app, lights off, appliances off, alarm set and the cat door unlocked. The best solutions have immediate benefits, think central locking on your car or smartphones, now a part of life we take for granted and wouldn't want to do without. Have your alarm provide emergency lighting if activated, or voice commands guiding the family to safety in case of fire, or sensor tread lights for the most stealth of midnight snacking. Today more than ever the list of possibilities is endless, but therein lies the problem, so stay focused on the goal: improving your life.

A smart home or business can save you money, keep you safer and best of all, you get to enjoy your space more.

We've been in automation in New Zealand over a decade and have the expertise to help you use your space better by making it smarter.

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Not about filling a cupboard with technology, a smart home is all about applying what's great in technology to improve our lives.

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