Smart Home Security

Benefits of Smart Home Security Systems

Smart security systems are expected to grow upto $58 Billion in the next couple of years. Here are a few features that will make smart home security a necessity in every home

24/7 All Round Security

Traditional burglar alarms alert the police when an unauthorized person has gained access to your home. Smart security differs in a way that it provides much more than just a panic button. They monitor your house 24/7 and provide alerts for not just burglars, but also flooding, fires and increased carbon monoxide levels. A smart system will be aware of any changes in the temperature and moisture levels which indicate a water leak or even a fire, thus enabling you to react timely and appropriately to any such event and minimizing damage.

Control over all functions

Another feature of smart security is staying informed at all times. . Receive alerts on your smartphone when doors are left unlocked or the system is not armed and fix the problem remotely. Get updates when your kids reach home and always have peace of mind.

Security is a mix of lighting, cameras, sensors, and alarms. Alarms and lights can be scheduled to go on at fixed times. Cameras come with infrared and night vision so you never lose sight of what's going on outside and inside your home.

Holiday Mode

Going out for a holiday means you won't be able to keep an eye regularly on your security features. But the system makes it easy to maintain a high level of security by simulating occupancy when you’re actually away. By setting your lights and cameras to follow an automated procedure that mimics your routine, you can avoid having your home targeted by thieves on the lookout for unoccupied properties to burgle.

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Smart Home Security prioritizes your family's safety with the most up-to-date technology, at the same cost of regular surveillance methods.

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